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Fomes demidoffii


Fomes durus


Fomes earlei


Fomes endophaeus


Fomes hornodermus var. hemitephrus


Fomes introstuppeus


Fomes juniperinus


Fomes lividus


Fomes melanoporus


Fomes mexicanus


Fomes ohiensis


Fomes olivaceus


Fomes pallidus


Fomes pinicola


Fomes placodes


Fomes praetervisus


Fomes pyrrhocreas


Fomes roseotubulus


Fomes sclerophyllaceus


Fomes scleropodius


Fomes troyanus


Fomes validus


Fomes velutinus


Fomes xerophyllaceus


Fomitella fumosoavellanea


Fomitiporia cubensis


Fomitopsis albomarginata


Fomitopsis caliginosa


Fomitopsis cinerea


Fomitopsis hemitephra


Fomitopsis maackiae


Fomitopsis mellea


Fomitopsis odoratissima


Fomitopsis ohiensis


Fomitopsis olivacea


Fomitopsis vinosa


Fulvia fulva


Fulvifomes demidoffii


Fulvifomes extensus


Fulvifomes troyanus


Funalia telfairii


Fungus bitorquis


Fungus bresadolae


Fungus cretaceus


Fungus elvensis


Fungus ramosissimus


Fungus rodmanii


Fuscoporia livida


Fusicladiopsis euphorbiae


Fusicladium euphorbiae

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